Raakvlak publishes new scientific publication

26 novembre 2019

The book 'Soils as records of Past and Present. From soil surveys to archaeological sites: research strategies for interpreting soil characteristics’ was edited on the occasion of the Geoarchaeological meeting that was held on the 6th and 7th of November 2019 in Bruges.

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With this book, Raakvlak likes to pay honour to all the scientific contributions of Roger Langohr, who manages to fascinate, motivate and promote scientists that are active in various research fields and come from all parts of the world.

In the past few decades, soil science has contributed greatly to the discussions on past and present environmental changes, as well as to the understanding of various topics of human impact on landscapes and the environment. This book aims to address these complex issues and demonstrates how they are approached and unravelled through past and current interdisciplinary research. The twenty-one papers that compose this book focus on a broad range of subjects and cover a wide geographical scope with soils and related questions presented from Belgium, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain, and Switzerland.

The peer-reviewed papers are grouped in five main chapters:
1. Present and past soilscapes and land use
2. Natural and anthropogenic soil forming factors and processes
3. Archaeology and soil science, unravelling the complexity
4. Past climates and environments
5. Present and future use of soil data

These contributions testify that an interdisciplinary approach, which has long been advocated by Roger Langohr, works well and proves it to be a successful tactic.

Publisher: Raakvlak, Archaeology, Monuments and Landscapes of Bruges and Hinterland, Belgium, www.raakvlak.be

ISBN 978 90 76297 811

This book is available as:

  • A printed book for the price of 55 euros + shipping (€ 5 in BeNeLux, € 10 in Europe and € 15 outside of Europe).
    If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact info@raakvlak.be.

The table of content can be consulted on the website of the meeting. Each individual paper is accessible as an open access online document and the authors keep the copyright of their work.