Musea Brugge supports artists through renewed programming

17 June 2020

The aftermath of the corona crisis poses considerable challenges to the entire cultural sector. Fortunately, the museums have already been given the green light to open their doors. But artists in particular are hit extra hard. As an organisation, Musea Brugge wants to adopt a proactive approach, not only in order to offer a perspective to the many players who are all dependent on them, but also in order to maintain its own dynamics within the cultural field.

2020 06 17 steunvoorkunstenaars beeldexpo Nv Canneyt

A new mission: to support artists

Starting from this perspective, Musea Brugge commits itself from September until the end of 2021 to assign creative assignments to artists residing in Belgium, albeit focusing on its own rich museum collections. This inspiring interaction can concern all possible art forms: painting, sculpture, photography, performing arts, music, etcetera.

Musea Brugge will provide 500,000 euros for the creation commissions, interventions and extra stages offered to the artists. This budget was normally destined for the organisation of other exhibitions such as Lancelot Blondeel, which is now scheduled later than next year.

For this plan, Musea Brugge enters into alliances with other houses of arts and culture.

A first creative assignment in the row of this reprogramming is Nele Van Canneyt's project: during the lockdown she came to photograph the orphaned city. The expo will be on display in the Arentshuis, from 27th November '20 until 14th March '21.

Expo Nele Van Canneyt