Mission and Vision

Musea Brugge connects its rich and diverse collection to people and society, to the past, present and future. We move and amaze, inspire and enthuse, challenge reflection and critical thinking. Social relevance and impact is our driving force.

Musea Brugge is a cultural-heritage institution of the Flemish community.

13 sites, all connected

Musea Brugge connects art, culture, heritage and people. And all at 13 unique sites within the walls of the city.

Connect to contemporary and classical visual art, historic buildings, the best views and exclusive exhibitions. From clogs to Van Eyck. From stained glass to Magritte. From yesterday to today. Whether you venture out alone, with children, or in a group.

Ready, set, go!

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Once upon a time, everything began with a dot.
The Madonna of Van Eyck, l’Attentat of Magritte, the Ursula Reliquary of Memling.
Each one a dot in our unique and ever-expanding collection.
Dots that we want to connect.
With each other. With the visitor. With the world.
Because when you connect things, something new is created.
New ideas, new meetings, new perspectives.
Perhaps even a new Madonna.

Let’s connect the dots.