Expo Nele Van Canneytsnituitbeeldc Nele Van Canneyt 2000x730

ARCHIVE: This exhibition is closed

Bruges is empty and orphaned in corona times. For a city that receives about eight million visitors annually, it takes some getting used to the many empty hotspots. Commissioned by Musea Brugge, photographer Nele Van Canneyt now portrays the city.

What world is concealed behind impenetrable walls, locked doors and closed curtains? What is your position as the viewer in a game of reflections? Are you looking from the outside in or from the inside out? What thoughts are going through the minds of each of us, in the shadow of the pandemic?

During the recent corona pandemic photographer Nele Van Canneyt spent hours, both day and night, wandering through the centre of Bruges, the surrounding districts and the streets of the nearby port of Zeebrugge. She discovered hidden places and had unexpected meetings and conversations. She penetrated a new Interior and brought the city, the silence and the emptiness into sharp focus.

Is silence threatening or restful? Does emptiness give rise to feelings of fear or of hope for the future? Van Canneyt's photographs view like a film and lead the spectator into her world. At the same time, she leaves much open to interpretation. As the viewer, you are free to formulate your own answers, write your own story. A clear passion for spatiality and colour characterises her images. They combine strong graphic qualities with a sense of tension, which tells a story – or at least suggests one.

The exhibition 'Nele Van Canneyt - Binnenland' is the first project in the series 'Mind the Artist' organised by Musea Brugge. The curator of the exhibition is Han Decorte.

11 December 2020 to 25 April 2021