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Job opportunities

Musea Brugge is always looking for new talent.

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Working for Musea Brugge

Musea Brugge is a department of Stad Brugge (City of Bruges). Visit the website (in Dutch) to see if there are any vacancies in our organization.

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Internships at Musea Brugge

Pupils and students from all disciplines can do an internship at the various departments of Musea Brugge.

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(Art)historical research internships

Musea Brugge and the Flemish Research Centre for the Arts in the Burgundian Netherlands strive to create a bridge between the academic and museum world. Facilitating internships to BA and MA students in (art) history or related fields is important to us in reaching this goal. Every year Musea Brugge receives numerous internship applications.

To offer every candidate a fair chance and to be able to adjust as much as possible to the needs of the organization, Musea Brugge has application deadlines:

  • A student who wishes to take an internship in the first half of the academic year (autumn of the calendar year) must apply before 1 April of the prior academic year.
  • A student who wishes to fulfill an internship in the second part of the academic year (spring calendar year) must apply before 1 November of the same academic year. Applications consist of a letter of intent and a CV.

A committee of representatives of the management and the staff will carefully consider every application and decide which applicants best suit each project. Selected students will be invited for interviews during which the content of the internship will be discussed. Based on this conversation the final decision will be taken.

Every calendar year, Musea Brugge has a variety of unpaid internship positions, each of which lasts a maximum of 60 working days. These internships are available for students who are required to do an internship for their institution and are thus registered at an university.

In addition to these internships, every calendar year there are three available internships which are rewarded. These internships are for students who wish to intern for longer than 60 days, but for a maximum of 5 months. For these internships, a stipend is available. These internships are also available to students who are obliged to fulfill an internship for their education and are thus registered at an university. In exceptional circumstances, however, these internships can also be rewarded to persons who are not registered at an university but who wish to acquire working experience (so called ‘professional immersion agreement’).