Musea Brugge sends artist Nele Van Canneyt out in empty Bruges

17 April 2020

As a result of the corona measures, Bruges today feels like an orphaned city. For a city that receives an average of 8 million tourists annually, it takes some getting used to empty hotspots such as Minnewater, Market Place or Burg Square. Walking through the city now, one experiences Bruges in a completely different way.

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Autumn Exhibition
Musea Brugge is taking advantage of this unique opportunity to entrust photographer Nele Van Canneyt (b. 1973) with a creative assignment and asked her to capture some impressions of this 'new' city in these exceptional times. In the autumn, her creations will be on display in the Arentshuis, one of the 14 locations of Musea Brugge.

Who is she?
Nele Van Canneyt is known for her non-staged images in which she projects her dream world onto the reality around us. Her fascination for the duality between the visible world and our experience of that environment is a central theme in her work. Each photo is laden with different storylines and emotions. Van Canneyt travels the world in search of desolation, melancholy and loneliness, which are always strongly interwoven in her photo series. She studied photography at Sint-Lucas Academy Ghent. In recent years her photography has been noticed by several galleries and art houses. She is a rising star in Belgian photography.
Musea Brugge allows Nele Van Canneyt every freedom to approach this creative assignment as an artist.

Campagnebeeld Expo Nele Van Canneytc Nele Van Canneyt
‘Against the light’, NY