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Evidence of economy on the city ramparts

Sint-Janshuismolen (Sint-Janshuis Mill)

Sint-Janshuismolen (Sint-Janshuis Mill) is the only one of the four windmills on the city ramparts where grain is still actually ground. The millers are only too happy to welcome you with secrets about this age-old craft. If the wind is favourable, you can even see the mechanism in operation. Moreover, anyone who climbs the steep stairs gets a breathtaking view of the green city ramparts of Bruges.

Windmills appeared on the ramparts from the 13th century onwards with the creation of the outer city ramparts. The Sint-Janshuismolen dates from 1770 and is still in its original location. The mills had an important economic function until well into the 19th century. They still act as the face of the eastern city ramparts.


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