Apotheek Sint Janshospitaal Musea Brugge
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Discover the authentic 17th-century interior the pharmacy of Sint-Janshospitaal

Pharmacy St John’s Hospital

The old pharmacy of the St John’s Hospital is housed in the former monastery that once stood next to what is now the museum. In 1643, after the last monk had died, the city authorities decided to set up a pharmacy in these old monastery buildings. This pharmacy was run by nuns and remained in operation until 1971.

The sister-apothecaries purchased medicines from local Bruges pharmacists, but also made their own preparations, which included ingredients grown in the nearby herb garden. Today, the four plots in front of the pharmacy are a last reminder of this garden, which once covered 3,000m². The pharmacy itself has scarcely changed over the years and still retains its authentic 17th century interior. It is a truly unique place, and well worth a visit!

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