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Video: The Collection Team is getting ready for the big move to the Erfgoedfabriek

4 February 2022

Musea Brugge is moving all the heritage artefacts and works of art from its rich collections to two new locations: Erfgoedfabriek or the Heritage Factory and BRUSK. This demanding and challenging backstage work forms the foundation for all Musea Brugge’s activities, but often remains unseen for visitors. In this monthly relocation blog, we will take you behind the scenes of 'Musea Brugge is moving’.

Musea Brugge verhuist Erfgoedfabriek video

Heritage management is vitally important

Musea Brugge has been entrusted with the task of managing, preserving and making accessible to the public the City of Bruges’ rich heritage collections. This is an important task, because heritage is a reflection of the past. Heritage not only allows us to enjoy the beauty of centuries’ old objects, but also tells stories that bring to life the history of Bruges, Flanders, Belgium, Europe and even the world. In addition to being fascinating in their own right, these stories also teach us to better understand our own society and the societies of others. In other words, these stories have a huge and lasting value and, as such, are something that we must continue to cherish. For this reason, it is vitally important that our heritage is preserved for the future and cared for in the best possible manner. The relocation of Musea Brugge in the coming years will guarantee that this crucial task is carried out successfully!

Many hands make light work

The main focus for the relocation exercise is the three infrastructure projects: Erfgoedfabriek, BRUSK and the Musea Brugge research centre. But behind the scenes, there is an entire team working hard to ensure that the relocation to these new premises takes place as smoothly as possible. Nine people from the Collections Department are busy each week with the preparations for the move to the new depot facilities in the Erfgoedfabriek. They do this with great passion and care, as you can see in the video! Two other teams are working on preparations for the transfer of the Print Cabinet to BRUSK and the archaeological finds to the Erfgoedfabriek.

In the near future, preparations for moving the paintings and the museum library will also commence. In our monthly relocation blog, we will take you ‘backstage’ and inform you about the many steps we are taking to protect and preserve our heritage.

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Musea Brugge is moving