Bosch in your living room? Now for sale: unique Bosch wallpaper by Atelier Billiet

18 July 2023

Come home to your own piece of paradise with Atelier Billiet’s artistic wallpaper. A 3-by-4-metre panorama that exudes peace and serenity. A unique reworking of the world-famous painting ‘The Last Judgement’ (circa 1500) by Hieronymus Bosch. For sale now at Musea Brugge

Panoramabehang Bosch Atelier Billiet Musea Brugge

Bosch let his imagination run wild six centuries ago and gave his own interpretation of the end of time. Hieronymus Bosch painted 'The Last Judgement' in his typical style, recognisable by the small figures, the bizarre and monstrous elements, the colours and the fine, transparent style of painting. A painting that continues to fascinate. Even designer Margot Billiet (Atelier Billiet) can't get enough of it. That is why she set to work on the classic masterpiece and created a unique and contemporary interpretation, a piece of Bosch for your home.

With her art project (Re)mastered, Margot Billiet takes up the challenge of reinterpreting masterpieces and giving them a new purpose. In this way, she wants to invite us to look at centuries-old works of art with a new, contemporary perspective. The unique panoramic wallpaper of 'The Last Judgement' is her first work within this project.

Panoramabehang Bosch Atelier Billiet render2 Musea Brugge
Panoramabehang Bosch Atelier Billiet render Musea Brugge
Panoramabehang Bosch Atelier Billiet detail Musea Brugge
Detail © Atelier Billiet

Margot rearranged some elements from the left panel of the world-famous triptych. On that panel, Bosch gave his own interpretation of Heavenly Paradise. But if you look closely, you will also discover details from his Hell. By removing them from the painting and depicting them separately, they suddenly seem less threatening. In Bosch's time, the dark forest in the background symbolised danger and mystery. Today, the forest exudes tranquillity. Margot also added her own elements to the panorama. The whole is a unique and contemporary work of art in dialogue with the old master.

Panoramabehang Bosch Atelier Billiet detail2 Musea Brugge
Detail © Atelier Billiet

In her panoramic wallpaper, Margot also gives an important role to a lesser-known detail from the masterpiece: an almost invisible pencil sketch of God in the clouds on Bosch's left panel. By adding that sketch to her design, Margot tells us that, regardless of our different beliefs, we are all searching for our own piece of heavenly happiness.

The wallpaper consists of 8 strips, each 50 cm wide and 3 metres high. The drawing is constructed in such a way that the landscape can continue infinitely. So you can choose which strip you start with, depending on your interior.

The wallpaper is exclusively for sale in the museum shop of the Groeninge Museum and on our webshop for €269,00.
Want to see the wallpaper in real life? Visit the museum shop at the Groeninge Museum.

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