Museum illustrator Pieter Van Eenoge

For an entire year, museum illustrator Pieter Van Eenoge is giving a quirky and colourful interpretation of our rich collection. In his signature style, twice a month he creates unique, surreal museum illustrations that add a fresh new dimension to our diverse collection and museum operations.

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Discover the museum illustrations

Twice a month, Pieter Van Eenoge provides a creative interpretation of our collection, programme or operations. Keep an eye on our socials to discover his illustrations, or view them below (click on the illustration to admire in full size):

  1. New Bruges museum illustrator • May 2023
  2. The canon of Flanders, an (un)digestible morsel • May 2023
  3. Volkskundemuseum 50 years! • June 2023
  4. Start of Carillon season • June 2023
  5. Portraits of the Cat Dynasty of the Folk Museum: Aristide I, II, III, IV and V • June 2023
  6. Do Bruges' greatest treasures simply still lie beneath the ground? • July 2023
  7. Movie night under the stars in the Gezelle Garden (MB ON SUNDAY): Guido Gezelle in his garden, with popcorn and a tear • July 2023
  8. Treasure hunting at the Gruuthuse Museum with the free search games for children • August 2023
  9. Sheltering from rain gusts and heat waves amid the beautiful works in our museum halls • September 2023
  10. Pieter finds a lost page from the Miracle Book of Our Lady of Pottery with a 19th miracle! It reads like this:
    "Marieke de Vlamynck, of't Peerdeken
    With a mouth full of blasphemy and cursing
    Does in set three a prayer to the lady
    And wins the ynterklub of Asschenbrouck."
    • September 2023
  11. Pieter made his own version of Jacob van Oost's 'The Calling of St Matthew' (1640, Church of Our Lady), in the (understated) light of the tv show 'Godvergeten' about child abuse in the Church. • October 2023
  12. Welcome to the Museum of our Lady of the Pottery. Do you recognise the triptychs, the Last Supper and the long dining table? • October 2023
  13. Peace illustration ‘A good gun as a bad defence’ for November 11 (Armistice Day) • November 2023
  14. 'The raising from the dead of the priests' apprentices'. Just in time for St Nicholas, Pieter recovered the lost right panel of the 'Retable of Saint Nicholas' from 1479. Whew! • December 2023
  15. Happy New Year. A glass of bubbles for our visitors, passed around on Permeke's 'The Pap eaters' (1922, Groeninge Museum). Santé! • January 2024
  16. BRUSK under construction: a long line of artists are already bringing the frames to assemble BRUSK's timber frame • January 2024
  17. Gezellehuis (House Gezelle). Or when Guido lights the fireplace: Gezellig Huis (Cozy House) • February 2024
050523 Museumkunstenaarschap c Pieter Van Eenoge
052623 Vlaamse Canon c Pieter Van Eenoge
Illustratie Volkskundemuseum c Pieter Van Eenoge LR
150623 Start Beiaardseizoen c Pieter Van Eenoge
Ari 1
Ari 2
A Ri 3
Ari 4
Ari 5
200723 Zomer in Brugge c Pieter Van Eenoge
310723 Film in Gezelletuin c Pieter Van Eenoge
050823 Gruuthuse c Pieter Van Eenoge
130923 Kwakkelzomer c Pieter Van Eenoge
250923 19e Mirakel c Pieter Van Eenoge
091023 Godvergeten c Pieter Van Eenoge
061123 OL Vter Potterie c Pieter Van Eenoge
Vredesillustratie V2
051223 Sinterklaas c Pieter Van Eenoge
050124 Nieuwjaar
250124 Bouw BRUSK
080224 Gezellehuis

Who is Pieter Van Eenoge?

Pieter Van Eenoge (°1976, Bruges) studied graphic design and illustration at the Hoger Sint-Lucas Instituut in Ghent (now LUCA) and has since 1999 worked as a full-time freelance illustrator for newspapers, magazines, publishing houses and all kinds of companies here and abroad. In a style he describes as ‘introverted expressionism’, Van Eenoge translates complex themes into legible images, and vice versa.

Foto Pieter Van Eenoge

His small paintings have already decorated the pages of Humo, Vrij Nederland, The New York Times and Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. A first picture book was published in 2011 ('De dokter en het leger van Davy’ with Edward van de Vendel) and he designed the poster of the 75th Book Fair. A year later, Van Eenoge won a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators in New York thanks to his giant goose board for the Bokrijk Open Air Museum. Followed by: double covers for Zeit Magazin, illustrations for The New Yorker, a campaign for Eurostar and a mural in Ronse. Later this year, he will publish ‘Een boek vol huizen', his biggest work to date.