Salon Sessions with Porcelain id

20 August 2022
Salon Arents

During the summer, Musea Brugge organises six concerts in Salon Arents. A series of intimate performances with young, Belgian talent in a unique setting. On 20 August, Porcelain id will fill our salon with their strong sound.

Salon Sessions Porcelain id Square

Porcelain id

Porcelain id is the Rwandan Hubert Tuyishime (23) (they/them) and considered a true musical talent. Praised for their powerful lyrics, strong voice and unique performance. Moving between poetic and idiosyncratic vocals, with influences from classic pop and lo-fi, their songs hit a raw nerve: vulnerable, sincere and authentic. On June 10 Unday Records released Porcelain id’s first official release, the double A-side single ‘Muschel/Vlaanderen’. ‘Vlaanderen’ is an idiosyncratic gospel song about the complexities of falling outside the margins.

Salon Sessions?

Salon Arents is inspired by the historical salon of the 17th century where writers, philosophers and visual artists came together to discuss but also to listen to music. We build on this tradition, in a present-day setting.

With Salon Arents, we try to break through the museum's traditional set-up and to install an alternative programme. This also means offering a platform to contemporary artists and musicians. The Salon Sessions are free of charge. No need to book in advance, just walk in and enjoy the concerts.

Practical info

  • Saterday 20 augustus, 3pm
  • Salon Arents / Arentshuis, Dijver 16, Brugge
  • Free, no need to make a reservation
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