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Salon Arents

Musea Brugge launches a brand-new concept at a location that exudes history: Salon Arents. Salon Arents is an open meeting place at Arentshuis, where we organise events on current themes and temporary exhibitions.

Current questions and blind spots

Salon Arents is a cosy and open meeting place, where we invite you as visitor to pause and reflect on the future of heritage, art and museums. How should we collect and display art and artefacts in the 21st century? How can we keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening? We can do this by organising quirky and thought-provoking (collection) presentations, lectures and debates.

To locate any blind spots in our operations and collections, we work with a number of different partners. In the first instance, these partners are DO vzw, KAAP and De Republiek. But as one of our visitors – whether regular or occasional – you will also be involved in our search to discover how we can make what we do (more) relevant for the society of today. A pleasant seating area with a library will encourage you to come back time after time.

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Inspiration from Paris in the 17th century

The concept of the literary and artistic salon, which was first developed in Paris in the early 17th century, has provided the inspiration for our project. The leading socialites of the day, many of them enterprising women, invited writers, philosophers and artists into their homes for something to eat and drink, over which they discussed philosophy and politics or listened to music and poetry. With Salon Arents we aim to revive this Parisian tradition in a modern form. Once again, we will ask you, our visitor, to help us write our story. The salon will also become the home from home of our new museum poet.

Room for deepening

The Arentshuis will become a base for exploring our exhibitions at other locations more deeply, starting this year with the exhibition by Otobong Nkanga and ‘Face to Face with Death’. We will examine current social themes, such as gender equality, the climate problem and the place of art in time of war. Salon Arents aims to become a dynamic and flexible location, where the presentations are changed or supplemented regularly and where ‘last-minute’ activities can also be arranged. O yes, almost forgot: our guests will also often be able to enjoy little bit of culinary pampering…