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Mind the Artist / Beyond Vision / La Collectionneuse / Inter-face / From Bow to ear

9 May 2021
Different locations Musea Brugge
Mathieu Charles c Karolina Maruszak
Mathieu Charles c Karolina Maruszak

Beyond Vision - Simon(e) van Saarloos en Mathieu Charles

In the podcast series ‘Beyond Vision’, two people enter into a dialogue. The series looks at themes that are still often regarded as taboo or at least as something that people do not like to talk about openly. During the recording of this second session in the Volkskundemuseum, the poet Mathieu Charles and columnist Simon(e) Van Saarloos engage in the discussion of a relevant topic.

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La Collectionneuse c Maite Alvarez

La Collectionneuse - Maïte Alvarez

In ‘La Collectionneuse’, Maïte Álvarez conjures up the spirit of Jeanne Walschot - the Belgian collector and dealer of so-called 'Congoliana'. By bringing her personal collection into the Gruuthusemuseum and manipulating it in a playful, seductive and possessive manner, Álvarez reconstructs the physical relationship that Jeanne Walschot had with her collection. Through a series of movements, stories and choreographed 'touchings', Álvarez reveals the multiple potential lives contained in each object that forms part of a private or public collection.

10.30 – 12.30 uur / 14.30-16.30h

Free of charge with purchase of a museum ticket

Benjamin Vandewalle Inter face c Stanislav Dobak kopie

Inter-face - Benjamin Vandewalle

With ‘Inter-face’, Benjamin Vandewalle creates a mini-theatre in which he is both actor and spectator. By using an interplay of lights, the theatre-maker presents us with a mirror in which to become aware of our 'self'. This installation makes it possible to look at the other as though he or she were you and to look at yourself as though you were the other.

Groeningemuseum (09.30 uur - 17.00h)
Free of charge with purchase of a museum ticket

Frombowtoearc Vesna Faassen

From Bow to ear - Maika Garnica

Five metal bows mark out the space and encompass the ceramic instruments that make up the sound installation ‘From Bow to Ear’. At carefully chosen moments, the artist activates the installation via the use of contact microphones, thereby giving sound to her various touches. The undulating lines of the metal construction evoke the shape of sound waves and define the setting for a tactile and auditive encounter.

11.00 and 14.30h
Free of charge with purchase of a museum ticket