Groeningemuseum met je klas Groene Pluim Musea Brugge

With your class

Do-it-yourself in the museum

Teachers will be able to guide their class through the museum without the need for assistance. Various dolls, games and material chests are available to allow your visit to be geared as closely as possible to the specific needs of your children, guaranteeing them a richer and deeper museum experience.

Groeningemuseum Met de klas Musea Brugge


  • The teacher is his/her own guide
  • Visit duration: one to one and a half hours
  • Maximum of 25 pupils
  • Book your tickets in advance
  • More info:


The 'Green Feather'

1st-3rd grades of primary education

Jan van Eyck’s parakeet takes pupils on a voyage of discovery through the Groeninge Museum. He not only stops to explain the world-famous paintings of the Flemish Primitives, but also some less well-known works by modern masters. By completing search, look and do-tasks, pupils will learn more about six centuries of art and sculpture. At the end of the visit, the pupils can ‘crown’ their favourite work of art with a green feather from the parakeet.

If you have made a reservation, you can collect the do-books from the museum cloakroom.

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Gruuthuse DIY-tool

2nd-3rd grades of primary education

In the Gruuthuse Museum a free DIY tool is available that allows teachers to guide and assist their pupils. The tool has been developed for classes in the fifth and sixth year of primary education, but can also be used for the third and fourth years.

Using ten different cards, your class will discover ten different objects in the museum. You will be given a summary of information about each object that allows teachers to ask targeted questions, and there are also a number of fun do-tasks. You can decide for yourself how long you want your visit to last.

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Yesterday’s children

1st-3rd grades

In this exhibition, you take your pupils/children back to the childhood years of (great-) grandpa and grandma. What was the world like for them when they were kids? Learn how to grind coffee or make your bed the old-fashioned way. Dress up in period clothes and take a new class photo. After your visit, you can have some fun with traditional games in the museum garden. Step into the past and discover a time without television, chocolate, pizza or Pokémon cards. Was everything better back then?

In the museum there are also a number of popular games from the past and a chest with all kinds of children’s games (chalk for hopscotch, jacks, pieces of elastic, skipping ropes, marbles, spinning tops), each of which is explained on a card. The chest is also placed outdoors when the weather is fine (even in the winter).

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