Gezellemuseum becomes Gezellehuis

15 April 2020

Musea Brugge wants to start this year with a renewed dynamic for the Gezellemuseum in collaboration with various partners.

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The figure of Guido Gezelle and the Gezellemuseum are inextricably linked to Bruges. With the current presentation dating from 2011, the museum is now ready for a new chapter.

Musea Brugge wants to realise this new operation together with various artistic and cultural-educational partners. After all, the subject transcends the interests and functioning of Musea Brugge. The emphasis is on sharing Gezelle's legacy and giving it meaning in the broadest sense of the word. Angles of approach such as poetry, literature, visual arts and nature or ecology can lead to fascinating projects and co-creation. Different assets will be played out:

- the development of a seasonal programme, concentrated in spring and summer, together with various partners, such as the Cultural Centre, the library, Kaap, Vormingplus...

- the valorisation of the garden as a meeting place

- the creation of a flexible setup suited for presentations and activities

- the development of an educational function in and around the Gezellehuis

The Gezellehuis will be retained as a location of Musea Brugge. From the end of May, the building and the garden will be freely accessible to everyone. Musea Brugge will continue to organise activities there, such as vegetable gardening, poetry aperitifs, conferences, etc. In order to maintain this dynamic, we are working together with various partners. Musea Brugge considers it important that the museum evolves into a warm meeting place for lovers of literature, art and nature. That is why we have chosen a new name: the Gezellehuis (Gezelle House).

Gezellehuis (House Gezelle)
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