New acquisition for Musea Brugge: "The master of the Legend of Saint Ursula"

2 April 2019
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New acquisition for Musea Brugge

This is undoubtedly the most impressive new acquisition for Musea Brugge. The master of the Legend of Saint Ursula is one of the most important masters who operated in Bruges in the late 15th century. As a contemporary of Hans Memling, the Ursula master did paintings for leading Bruges patrons.

The elongated bodies and egg-shaped heads are typical of his work. You also see this clearly in this painting of Veronica.

Veronica, with her exotic headgear and flapping headscarves, has veiled her eyes and is looking at the cloth which she is holding in her hand. It is said to portray the true face of Christ, the ‘Vera Icon’, hence Veronica’s name.

Musea Brugge has been able to buy this item thanks to the museum collection funds. It is rare for a 15th century Flemish primitive of the quality of Saint Veronica to come onto the market. The work is exceptionally well preserved and its delightful character makes it easy on the eye.

This work can be seen in room 2 of the Groeningemuseum.