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Project: Pimp the palace?

The reopening of the Gruuthusemuseum, which closed for a five-year restoration, marked the start of the participatory project ‘Pimp the palace?’ in 2018, with the support of the Flemish Community.

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2018 - 2019 Pimp the palace?

Musea Brugge recruited a group of young adults for an artistic project, in collaboration with the non-profit organisation De Batterie. The young people worked alongside the organisation and four artists, to determine how heritage has relevance for them today. They spent a few months immersing themselves in the renovated museum’s collection and story. Their task was to develop a contemporary interpretation of the building, the collection and the story of the Gruuthusepaleis.

That was the question. The starting premise for a challenging participatory project, whereby a group of young people joins forces with four artists and the museum to understand the relevance of heritage to their generation. The youth crew determined the direction of the process. They were in the driver’s seat, they got to make the choices. Musea Brugge and the artists provided the ideal artistic environment and guidance.

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Crew Musea Brugge 2018 - 2019

Erinn Decloedt, Ine Degroote, Delphine Delameilleure, Maarten Derous, Brith D'haenen, Camille Meuleman, Wout Mortier, Silken Moyaert, Clara Neuenschwander, Frédérique Nowé, Louise Snauwaert, Jutta Vandenbussche, Emma Van Dycke, Koralie Van Hoof, Arne Vankerschaver, Zahna Van Steelandt.

Supervising young artists and architects:

Didier Volckaert, Laura Muyldermans, Sebastien Seynaeve , Tim Theo Deceuninck

Project management: vzw De Batterie

Coordination and contact: Lieven De Visch

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This project was realised with the support of