On Thursday, 26 May (Ascension Day) our museums will be closed in the afternoon.


Louis of Gruuthuse takes over the city

21 May 2019

Louis is back in town!

Lodewijk uitsnit

Louis is back in town...

On 20 May, the inhabitants of Bruges woke up with a new but familiar face on their beloved statues. With the necklace of the Order of the Golden Fleece around his neck, you can find Louis of Gruuthuse again, among others on the Market Square, near the Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, on the Jan Van Eyck Square and on the Woensdagmarkt Square. He is eager to return to his beautifully renovated museum, but still has to be patient for a few days...

After five years of closure, the museum, which has been thoroughly restored and renovated, will open its doors in the evening on 24 May and will give you a taste of Bruges' history.

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