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ARCHIVE: This exhibition is closed

For his exhibition in the series 'Mind the Artist' in the Volkskundemuseum, Pieter examines how the 19th century artefacts in the collection relate to his paintings. How does a hand-made, everyday object connect with a 'work of art'?

Pieter Chanterie (°1996, Leuven) lives and works in Brussels. He makes small paintings, bas-reliefs – these are reliefs that emerge from the flat surface only over a small distance - and drawings in books, different media which he frequently allows to overlap. His images are a framework within which stories take place as well as an 'object in its own right'. In this way he creates a universe of personages, scenes and signs in a series of interwoven episodes.

The Volkskundemuseum houses traditional (utility) objects from everyday life from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Chanterie temporarily allows his creations to enter into dialogue with those objects: his works sneak into the museum's permanent collection as it were. Upon arrival, the visitor receives a booklet; a souvenir with fleeting snippets from sketchbooks and stories that can be interwoven with the storyworlds in the works on display, according to the reader's needs.

Photo: Pieter Chanterie

Volkskundemuseum (Folk Museum)
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12 February 2021 to 13 June 2021