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Five young artists present their artistic research in the Gezellehuis.

This summer the Gezellehuis will host five young artists. Curator/coordinator Elke Desutter invited Esther Cornelis, Gilles Dedecker, Eva Dinneweth, Alice Vanderschoot and Frieke Verlé to show work at this unique location.

Artists strive to capture or record a certain idea or concept in their studio. So what you observe during the exhibition is the end result of an artistic investigation.

During '[kap-cher] capture' we invite you to become aware of the different artistic processes that artists and works of art go through. The artists sought and found connection with the (living) world of poet Guido Gezelle and his birth house.

On 16 and 30 August, a performance by Gilles Dedecker, one of the participating artists, is planned, each time from 13.30 to 17.00 hours.


Campagnebeeld kap cher Gezellehuis Esther Cornelis kopie

Picture: ‘Meisje raapt zichzelf op van koeienvel’ (Girl picks herself up from cowskin)_2019 © Esther Cornelis, foto © Frieke Verlé

11 August 2020 to 20 September 2020