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Take-over MOOOV / Das weisse band

9 September 2021
Volkskundemuseum (garden)

Choice of of Andreas Vermaut and Simon Vanbeylen of Cinema Lumière in Bruges / Volkskundemuseum (garden)

Das Weissen Band 4

With the First World War approaching, a number of strange events are happening in a German village. People are dying, disappearing and meeting with fatal accidents. The local schoolmaster goes in search of an explanation for these mysterious incidents, which look increasingly like a form of ritual punishment. This black-and-white parable continues to resonate, long after the gruesome truth is revealed.

(Michael Haneke, 2009, 144‘)

Taal: Duits, Ondertiteling: Nederlands

Outdoor film

€ 8 (+26y)
€ 6 (
(excl. museum visit)