Music is my medicine: Ratas del viejo Mundo

Face to face with Death

28 January 2023
Sint-Janshospitaal, attic

A medieval diptych about music as medicine.

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Hugo van der Goes´s Death of the Virgin was painted between bouts of mental distress. On one occasion – after ranting about being a doomed and lost soul – Van de Goes had to be forcibly prevented from committing suicide. Struggling with his demons – including an impossible love – he sought solace in music. Démon / Corps secret sheds light on the theme of ‘pain, grief and suicide’ via the works of Van der Goes's contemporaries. It also takes a look at Marian veneration via 15th-century Bruges scores. One concert, two moods.


Polyphony by Antoine Busnois (ca.1430-1492), Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474), Jan De Wrede (ca.1430-1482), Jacob Obrecht (1457-1505) & other (Bruges) composers


Ratas del viejo Mundo:
Olalla Alemán, Soetkin Baptist, Anne Rindahl Karlsen,
Tomàs Maxé: song
Garance Boizot & Salomé Gasselin: viola da gamba
Floris De Rycker: lute & musical direction


  • Saturday 28 January, 7pm - 9.15 pm or 8pm - 10.15pm
  • Attic Sint-Janshospitaal
  • Tickets: € 25 / € 13, via Concertgebouw

In collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge

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