Garden Party: 'Old Fashioned' performance by Monali Meher

Opening Rebel Garden

13 April 2024

At the Arentshof, you can witness and participate in a special work of art during the opening day of Rebel Garden. For her interactive performance 'Old Fashioned', artist Monali Meher paints kilos of potatoes with words like 'Hate', 'War', 'Racism' and 'Violence'. She then invites visitors to peel, cook and eat the potatoes together.

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Monali Meher paints kilos of potatoes in different languages with terms like War, Hate, Violence. Words that are 'old fashioned': outdated and in dire need of replacement. By peeling, cooking and eating the potatoes, leaving behind a transformed landscape without any trace of those words, she performs that task metaphorically. During her performance, she invites visitors and passers-by to participate and scrape off, wash, cut and cook and eat the potatoes.

The leftover potatoes are given out at the end of the day. So be sure to bring a container or bag.

Many thanks to the organic farmers of Boer Bas, who are sponsoring the potatoes.

Peeled off, cleaned, washed, boiled, cut, cooked. These daily acts (rituals) are needed to destroy those Old Ideas

Monali Meher

Practical info

  • Saturday 13 April, continuously between 1pm and 4pm
  • Arentshof, Dijver 16
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