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BRON holds an extensive collection of books, periodicals and overprints that provide context, in terms of content or material, to the heritage collection and operations of Musea Brugge. You can access the entire collection in BRON's reading rooms. The tailored library collection includes artist monographs, (art) historical (reference) works, publications by Musea Brugge and collection and exhibition catalogues from around the world, as well as material-technical research and works on museum science.

Consult our museum library

The BRON library is housed in a temporary location until the end of 2025, pending the opening of the BRON research centre. The temporary reading room is located at Oostmeers 17, B-8000 Bruges. Currently, 95% of the library collection is packed in an external depot. Would you like to consult any specific materials? Please contact the museum librarian at least three days in advance – we will be happy to assist you.

The physical library collection is accessible in wise and searchable through the online catalogue: useful for preparing your visit or request.

Zoek in de Museumbibliotheek catalogus

Would you like to access any archival materials? Please contact the museum librarian one week in advance.

BRON also aims to open up the digital library, the museum archive (with imagery, exhibition and object files) and the heritage collection of Musea Brugge.

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Would you like to access any specific materials, archival materials or works from the Print Room? Or do you have a question for us?

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