Salon Arents exhibition

6 abril 2023 a 16 abril 2023
Salon Arents

In April, discover a surprising presentation on forgotten art and artists from Musea Brugge's collection at Salon Arents. It's an exhibition full of stories, with artistic interventions and daily performances. Take a seat on a bench in the exhibition hall and take the time to let the stories speak to you.

2023 Bench Mark campagnebeeld square 2

In the ground-floor exhibition hall of Salon Arents, Bench-mark highlights works of art that are rarely, if ever, featured in museums. Discover the stories of artworks and their creators that are not presented or heard. Work by female artists, non-Western artists, forgotten artists or artists who disappeared. The museum's blind spots. Take a seat on a bench and take the time to let the forgotten stories speak to you. There are also daily invisible performances to enjoy.

Take a seat on a museum bench facing a painting. What does it remind you of? What stories do the artworks tell? What do other visitors think about the art, about the museum, about the museum guards ... about you?

QWH Vernissage Opening Party Femke den Hollander 69
Arentshuis (c) Femke den Hollander

The imposing staircase in the entrance hall leads to the first floor of House Arents. There, contemporary artists Gabriela Acha and Christine Clinckx intervened among the 20th-century works of Brangwyn, who was strongly influenced by "orientalism". The contemporary works engage in a dialogue with the fixed Brangwyn collection and shed a critical light on some non-Western blind spots.

Moreover, this will be the last time the entire Brangwyn collection is on display at House Arents. The museum's top floor will close on 17 April. Salon Arents, on the ground floor of House Arents, will continue to host interesting activities and events.

Bench-mark seeks out the forgotten stories behind the artworks and artists, as well as the stories of the museums, of the guides and museum staff, and of the visitor. Be amazed.

The Bench-mark concept was inspired by the book Alte Meister (1985) by Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard. Gem Heads, Christine Clinckx and Gabriela Acha will deliver a performance about Bernhard's book on Saturday afternoon, 8 April (more information to follow).

From the MB-collection: Euphrosine Beernaert, Roberte Devooght, Margaret (& Walter) Keane, Christine Clinckx, Alice Frey, Godfried Guffens, Marc Ngandu and Nicolai Roerich.

Practical info

  • Thursday 6 April - Sunday 16 April, 9.30am - 5pm (also open on Easter Monday)
  • Salon Arents/House Arents, Dijver 16, 8000 Bruges
  • Free - reservations are not required, feel free to walk in