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BRON is Musea Brugge's innovative research centre where collection, expertise and knowledge resources come together in one inspiring place. At BRON, we focus on Musea Brugge's extensive and varied heritage collection and connect people with knowledge and research. The new BRON research centre will open on the BRUSK site in late 2025.

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By facilitating in-depth (scientific) research and making every effort to share knowledge from the results of research, BRON plays an essential role as an anchor and a dynamic force in Musea Brugge's work. BRON houses the museum library and its unique resources, our collection experts' workplaces and a consultation room for the Print Room, all in an inspiring setting focused on object-based research. We are also continuing the operation of the Flemish Research Centre for the Arts in the Burgundian Netherlands and broadening our research operation under the name BRON.

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