Temporary switches at the Groeninge Museum due to loans

29 September 2023

Just like in football, there are transfers in the museum world. Although, of course, these are temporary. At the beginning of October, our art handlers will remove some works from the halls of the Groeninge Museum. Works that will temporarily shine in exhibitions in Leuven, Paris and Antwerp. Which works disappear temporarily, and which ones take their place? You can read it here

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Between the end of October and the end of February, the MAS (Antwerp) will collect some 100 masterpieces from the Flemish masterpiece list in the exhibition 'Rare and indispensable'. Some of our masterpieces are also guests in the masterpiece exhibition in Antwerp. In the Groeninge Museum, the Masterpieces 'The Death of the Virgin' (Hugo van der Goes), 'Death and the Miser' (Jan Provoost) and 'Portraits of Jan van Eyewerve and Jacquemyne Buuck' (Pieter Pourbus) will temporarily move to the MAS at the beginning of October, which means they will not be on display in the Groeninge Museum until the first half of March.

'Saint Luke drawing the Madonna' leaves in early October 2023 for a trip until early summer: first to M Leuven and then to the Louvre in Paris.

We are seizing this moment to take some wonderful works from our depot and temporarily place them in the Groeninge Museum. From the beginning of October, you can admire two stained-glass windows, both also Flemish Masterpieces: a stained-glass window of an angel with a banderole and a 'rondel' with the triumph of Joseph. In addition, 'The Last Judgement' by Van den Coornhuuse and 'Saints Bavo, James the Great en Willibrord' by Pieter Claeissens II will get a temporary place in the Groeninge Museum.

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