Opening December 2023: a brand new St John's Hospital

22 February 2023

St John's Hospital is currently undergoing a complete makeover. What exactly will the completely revamped museum and the new contemporary display look like? You can find out from Saturday 16 December 2023. But for those of you - like us - who can't wait, we can give you a sneak peek.

Sint Janshospitaal Musea Brugge 4
Sint Janshospitaal Musea Brugge 6
12th century hospital

One of the oldest preserved hospital buildings in Europe, the magnificent St John's Hospital has stood gleaming in the heart of Bruges for nearly nine centuries. Hospitality and care have been intertwined with the hospital's DNA since its foundation in the 12th century. Anyone who needed care or a place to sleep was welcome there, regardless of origin or class.

Accordingly, the museum's new layout will focus on the visitor. The renovated museum will be a place which will speak to the heart both literally and metaphorically. Starting from the fascinating history of the hospital, the museum's revamped layout creates a contemporary and dynamic art experience for all.

Sint Janshospitaal Musea Brugge 5

A sneak peek (renders: Bailleul Design Bureau)

Sint Janshospitaal Musea Brugge 4
Reliekschrijn ursula Musea Brugge
The reliquary of Saint Ursula

Among other things, the museum takes you past Memling's magnificent paintings, inseparable from the building's history, as well as a few surprising contemporary works. Together they tell historical and universal stories centred around care, empathy and hospitality. The new St John's Hospital will be a welcoming location where experience, hospitality and healing are central, as has always been the case throughout the centuries.

A new flagship museum in the unique setting of a medieval hospital: from 16 December 2023.

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