Biomodd [BRG13]

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'Biomodd' is a contraction of biology and modding. Modding is the computer equivalent of taking cars to pieces and then putting them back together again, but in a different way and/or for a different purpose. During Biomodd the members of the collective and members of the local community create together an interactive work of art from the remnants of old technological devices (so-called e-waste). They do this without a preconceived plan but on the basis of an evolving collaborative vision. They dismantle redundant tech-material and reassemble it to create a new and functioning installation. It is a community art project that creates new relationships between nature and technology in different cultures all around the world.

Put simply, in 'Biomodd' nature and technology are brought together in hybrid and interactive art installations. The core idea is the co-creation of experimental systems in which recycled computers and living ecosystems co-exist alongside each other in a process of mutual strengthening. The recycled computers are connected in a network on which a custom-made computer game is played out. In this game, visitors, plants and other organisms interact with each other in an endless variety of ways. Biomodd is therefore in essence a continuous series of temporary experiments. It is developed on site at each location with the local community and has as its objective the stimulation of a critical dialogue on ideas relating to ecology, progress and our technological future.

The 'Biomodd' installation for the Sint-Janshospitaal was created by more than 120 participants from Bruges and the SEADS network, in close collaboration with Musea Brugge. This installation is made from various construction elements, recycled from numerous art exhibitions over the last 20 years. In this way, the installation creates a bridge between the rich historic past of the city and artistic visions about the future of the world.

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