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Library and Documentation

The museum library houses an extensive collection of books and periodicals related to the work of Musea Brugge.


Attention: Due to the limited accessibility of the collection, the museum library is (for the time being) only accessible by appointment.

The museum library collects mainly publications on the art world and life in the (late) Middle Ages in the Southern Netherlands and anything related to the history of Bruges.

Apart from an extensive collection of periodicals covering 250 running metres, there are also artist monographs, works and reference works on art and art history, publications by Musea Brugge, and collection and exhibition catalogues from all over the world. Thanks to close co-operation with the Flemish Research Centre for the Arts in the Burgundian Netherlands, the library can concentrate on more material and technical research and museum scholarship.

The museum library is the ideal place for research into the museum collections of Bruges Museums (Musea Brugge) for both our own research staff and external researchers and other interested parties.

All works can be consulted on site. Lending is not possible. Most of the collection is digitally accessible through the online catalogue. For material published before 2000 and not yet digitally accessible, a regional index catalogue is available.

The museum librarian is available for help and advice. To be sure that the materials are available in the temporary reading room, we strongly recommend making an appointment in advance.


  • Address
    Temporary address: Oostmeers 17, 8000 Bruges.
  • Opening times
    Only by appointment.
  • ICT
    WIFI, 2 computers for work use, and a copying machine with scan function.
  • Contact
    E-mail: or tel. +32(0)50 44 87 84