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The Invention of Drawing, Dibutades, Joseph-Benoît Suvée


Highlights Groeningemuseum_De-ontdekking-van-de-tekenkunst_Joseph-Benoit-Suvee-c-Hugo-Maertens

Dibutades, daughter of a potter from Corinth, bids farewell to her beloved. Before he sets off on a long journey, she drew the outline of his shadow on the walls of her father’s workshop. She wanted to preserve his image forever. Legend has it that this was how drawing started.

Joseph-Benoît Suvée’s neoclassical version is more refined and excels in clarity. The play on light and dark is impressive. The contours of the figures with their draped robes are sharp. Suvée was from Bruges, but he built a highly successful international career.