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Take-over Concertgebouw / Servir Antico

Memlings Apocalyps

28 October 2021

The End of Days opens the door to a new beginning / Sint-Janshospitaal

211028 Servir Antico c Evy Ottermans

1479 – the year Memling delivered his enigmatic altar to St John's Hospital – ushered in a new age: globalisation with the colonisation of America, overconsumption that systematically strained ecosystems, and new diseases that wiped out more than half of the world's population. Inspired by the figures on the altarpiece, Catalina Vicens and her ensemble Servir Antico search for alternative perspectives in old and new music, text and symbols.

€ 24

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Motets by Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474)
& Johannes Tinctoris (ca.1435-1511)
and anonymous composers,
texts by Elicura Chihuailaf, Billy-Ray Belcourt & Jonathon Adams


Servir Antico: ensemble
Catalina Vicens: organetto & musical direction
Michaël Grébil: lute, song & composition
Els Janssens & Jonathon Adams: song
Tobie Miller: hurdy-gurdy
Félix Verry: viol
Peter De Bruyne: image