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Take-over Concertgebouw / Arne Deforce

Giacinto Scelsi

25 November 2021
Sint-Janshospitaal (zolder)

A lifetime in music / Sint-Janshospitaal (historical attic)

211125 Arne Deforce Lucas Denuwelaere BR

In his Trilogia, i tre stadi dell'uomo, Giacinto Scelsi portrays the three stages of a human life, using every possible manifestation of tone and sound. From youthful and impetuous macho behaviour ending in drama (in the first movement, Triphon), to a gradual opening up and burgeoning (in the second movement, Dithome), to finally coming to rest in old age (Ygghur). The initial musical energy develops into melodic, controlled writing, before finally giving way to a fragile sense of acceptance. An artist illustrates Scelsi's versatile richness of sound.

€ 24

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Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988)
Trilogia, i tre stadi dell'uomo


Arne Deforce: cello
Tine Guns: images