Last days 'Face to face with Death': until Sunday 5 February. Tickets & Info


Late night openings 'Face to face with Death'


26 January 2023 to 28 January 2023

During the second-to-last week of the top exhibition, you can visit 'Face to face with Death' during two evening openings. Come face to face with Hugo van der Goes' masterpiece one last time and enjoy the unique historic location that is St John's Hospital. Welcome to the two late night openings of 'Face to face with Death'.

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'The Death of the Virgin' by Hugo van der Goes is one of the most important works in Musea Brugge's world famous collection of Flemish Primitive art. Between 2018 and 2022, the painting was subjected to an extensive and intensive process of restoration, the results of which are truly magnificent. In this outstanding exhibition in the Sint-Janshospitaal, the masterpiece features both literally and figuratively as the central point. More than 70 masterpieces have been brought together around the painting, supporting and deepening the story of 'The Death of the Virgin' and its themes - timeless ànd contemporary. The exhibition remains open until Sunday 5 February in St John's Hospital, after which the museum will close until autumn for a thorough makeover.

Enjoy the expo and the absolute masterpiece 'The Death of the Virgin' for an extra long time during our two late night openings.

Thursday 26 January
Saterday 28 January