Raakvlak, the Intermunicipal Heritage Service for Bruges and the Ommeland Region, cares for the region’s archaeological, architectural and landscape heritage sites. The organisation works in Bruges, as well as Beernem, Damme, Jabbeke, Knokke-Heist, Oostkamp, Torhout and Zedelgem. As the supervisory municipality, the City of Bruges provides support to Raakvlak in the form of personnel, housing and operating grants.

Sfeerbeeld Raakvlak

Raakvlak conducts archaeological surveys, but this is just a fraction of what we do. Anyone with questions relating to heritage sites can contact Raakvlak. Our employees offer support, information and advice to the affiliated municipalities and inhabitants about inventoried heritage properties and land-based heritage sites.

In addition to this, our team organises and provides support for public events, including tours of archaeological excavations, talks, exhibitions and much more. Raakvlak also participates in various heritage events, such as Open Monument Day, Heritage Days and the Flemish Archaeology Days.

The heritage depot, called "de Pakhuizen", contains the largest collection of archaeological objects in the Bruges Ommeland region and beyond. All these objects were found during surveys that were conducted in the margin of construction and public works in Bruges and in the Bruges Ommeland region. They cover a period that dates from prehistory right up to World War II.

Information about Raakvlak I Komvest 45, 8000 Brugge, t +32 (0)50 44 50 44,