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Flemish research centre

Research at the centre

The research centre, together with the library, is a platform for museum staff, researchers, specialists, and other interested parties. Researchers can reserve a workstation in the library for long-term research projects related to Musea Brugge collection items.

The reference library is a major component of the research centre. This reference library is growing constantly with works on the Flemish primitives and their broader European art history context. The focus is on works which are present in the Bruges museums, churches, and affiliated institutions within the non-profit agency Vlaamse Kunstcollectie vzw. The library also has reference works on conservation, restoration, and material and technical research as well as scholarly journals about 15th and 16th century art.

The Flemish Research Centre plays an active part in the academic training of young researchers. It fulfils this role via academic training such as the Musea Brugge Research School and the Summer Course for the study of the arts in Flanders and via internships. Furthermore, the research centre is also committed to making study grants available to international students who wish to come to the centre to conduct research related to the Musea Brugge collection.