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Flemish research centre


Since 2013, the Flemish research centre, together with the museum library of Musea Brugge, has been housed in the buildings of the Sint-Andreas Institute on the Garenmarkt in Bruges. The centre is accessible by appointment.

The research centre, an initiative of Groeningemuseum (Groeninge Museum), was formed in co-operation with the non-profit agency Vlaamse Kunstcollectie vzw and with subsidies from the Flemish government. This was within the scope of the cultural heritage decree following the recognition of Groeningemuseum as a classified Flemish museum.

The research centre, together with the library, provides a platform for museum staff, researchers, specialists, and other interested parties. Researchers can reserve a workstation in the library for long-term research projects related to Musea Brugge collection items.